Beebe Police Chief

Wayne Ballew

Chief Wayne Ballew moved to Beebe, from Bryant, in 1999 after retiring from the Arkansas State Police in 1997. Chief Ballew has 30 years of law enforcement experience. He is married to Rebecca and they have three children: two daughters, Amie and Lindsey and a son, Logan.

The Beebe Police Department consists of 13 full-time officers, one school resource officer, two part-time officers and one auxiliary officer. Beebe PD also has an Emergency Communications Section that consists of six dispatchers that handle emergency calls for Beebe PD, Beebe FD and ambulance services. There are also two police clerks that collect fines, distribute fund to courts and manage records for traffic and criminal offenses.

Sincere thanks to the Mayor and City Council for their ongoing support in allowing the purchase of vehicles, and other equipment necessary, to protect the citizens of Beebe.