Softball and Baseball

Baseball & Softball Program

We offer programs for boys & girls ages 3-16. We have seven playing fields and five practice fields. Our fields are also available to rent for tournaments.

2018 Beebe Parks & Recreation Parent Information

1. No Profanity
2. No Smoking
3. No drugs, alcohol, firearms or fireworks
4. No verbal abuse of umpires, coaches, players or park personnel – coaches stay 15ft away umpires
5. No running or horseplay around concession stand, bleachers or pavilion area
6. No bicycles, scooters or skateboards inside the ballpark.
7. Help keep park clean by placing all trash in trash receptacles
8. No jumping fences, no throwing or hitting into fences
9. No throwing, catching or hitting in spectator area
10. Only park officials, coaches, players and umpires allowed on the playing field
11. Show sportsman like conduct at all times
12. No pets inside the ballpark at any time

Games start April 9th and will play through the first week of June. Practice is scheduled to start March 5th.  ALL-STARS play until July. ALL-STARS are picked the week before Memorial Day.

Gate Admission: $2.00 per person for everyone 16 years and older who are not coaches or volunteers with a valid pass: Gate admission starts 4/9/18. CASH ONLY. NO pennies and NO $50 or $100 bills will be taken.

***Tournaments will be subject to different pricing***

Season passes: Season passes will go on sell (3/5/18) and will be sold until Friday (4/6/18). Season passes for ONE person with ONE CHILD is $30.00. Season Pass for ONE person with TWO or MORE children is $40.00. These may be purchased at the Ballpark Office located on the side of the concession stand during practice times.  Absolutely no passes will be sold after Friday April 6th, 2018. Cash or Check only.

***Passes will be void for games outside of Beebe and for ALL TOURNAMENTS. ***

Photo Day: Photo day will be on Saturday April 14, 2018. Most teams will play this day following their photos. All team photos will be taken by Bowden Photography.

Baseball/T-Ball Tournaments:  April 20th – 21st in Beebe / April 27 - 28th in Lonoke / May 4th – 5th in Beebe / May 18th - 19th at Lonoke

Other Info: The ballpark has restrooms between fields 5&6 / All ages will travel accept 3/4 T-Ball / Draft Day is February 17th so you should hear from your coach no later than February 28th.

Pants: Due to the low number of returned pants in the past two years the Beebe Ballpark will no longer be providing pants to players. We are selling the remaining pants at registration. ALL BASEBALL PANTS WILL BE GRAY – ALL SOFTBALL PANTS WILL BE BLACK.

Rainout information: Fastest way to find out about rainouts is Facebook. We inform coaches and post on the “Beebe Parks & Recreations” Facebook Page. We try to make a call by 4:00pm at the latest.

For more information, please contact Lynn Hatcher - Parks Director @ (501) 288-0366 or email Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook.