Clerk-Treasurer Department


(501) 882-5106

The Clerk-Treasurer office is the custodian of city records, which include City Council meeting records (i.e., communications, resolutions, ordinances, meeting minutes, contracts, and petitions), warranty deeds, and insurance policies on city property. Our office files the legislation for the City Council meetings and prepares the agenda and other related documentation and is accountable for all of the city funds. All money coming into the city is collected and receipted by the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office. A monthly report is prepared at the close of each month. The Clerk-Treasurer office also collects payments dog tags and peddler’s licenses.

Carol Westergren Clerk-Treasurer

Melinda Sharp Asst. Clerk-Treasurer

Harley Spears Asst. Clerk-Treasurer


Ginger Williams Asst. Clerk-Treasurer