Beebe Code Enforcement

The primary responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Officer are communicating with the citizens and enforcing the codes that the City has in place.  The Code Enforcement Officer works closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission to grow the City, and keep it clean, while planning for the future.

The Code Enforcement Officer sells building permits for any new construction and any permanent structures that are moved onto, or built in place, on property within the city limits. The Code Enforcement Officer maintains a Plumbing Inspector’s License, a (Mechanical Code) or HVAC Inspectors License, an Electrical Inspectors License, and is current with all the codes in these fields. The Code Enforcement Officer also sells Plumbing Permits, HVAC Permits and Electrical Permits as well as inspects all of the work performed by these trades within the city limits.

Staff of Code Enforcement

Milton McCullar



Code Enforcement Documents